Balinese fruits season in Bali

Balinese fruits much depend on the quality of the soil.Bali is a tropical island has two season and  dry season.rainy season falls from  October till april and  dry season from May till october .The moon soon is during December.During rainy season is still possible to see the sun shine and also during dry season still possible to see rain.The soil in Bali is very fertilize suitable for  grow any flower and fruits.The land of Bali is  hilly  and terrace sharing .The northern part of the island is  high land and southern part of the island is  flat land .The  fruits grow  in Bali like  mangosteen, durian , salak, rambutan, and Bali orange,badung,juwet ,kepundung,grave ceroring,pisang,jambu air,kelapa,Nangka,semangkan,mentimun  .Balinese fruit s use for daily needs or consumption and also ingredient of Offering, wine ingredient  from local grave, fruit arrangement for wedding decorations.

Mangosteen part of Balinese fruits

Mangosteen is one of the exotic fruit commodities (Queen of the Fruit) that have high economic value, especially for the export market. Bali is one of the producing provinces mangosteen mangosteen centers in 17 provinces in Indonesia. Mangosteen fruit is widely consumed as fresh fruit because the typical flavor and nutritional content also that much. Mangosteen also contains active xanthones are many health benefits (anti-oxidant, anti-biotic, anti-diabetic, anti lipidemik, etc..).The skin mangosteen contain active xanthenes that lately pretty much treated as a medicinal drink.

Mangosteen part of Balinese fruits

Mangosteen in Bali Province until the current carrying area of 3,012 hectares with pohon301.249 number of trees, spread over 8 districts (except Denpasar), widest in Tabanan (1214 a), following the in Karangasem in east bali (462 Ha), Buleleng (459 Ha) and Badung (407 ha). Mangosteen production in the province of Bali in 2010, there were 2,450 tons of which is absorbed in the local market, inter-island and export. Mangosteen export opportunities are open wide, nationally export of 24 585 tonnes of fresh fruit Indonesia, as many as 11 309 tons or 46% of them are betel mangosteen. To export mangosteen Indonesia in 2010 (as many as 11 319 tons) Bali stone is able to meet the export amount of 675 tonnes (6%) because not all Bali mangosteen products meet the export standards set by the very ketatt inportir. Destination countries export mangosteen is also quite broad, namely: the Middle East, Europe, Asia, China and Hong Kong to the highest (58%).

badung fruit
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buah ceroring
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Buah Sirsak
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