Bali Vintage Florist Wedding

Bali vintage florist wedding is a professional bali wedding florist provides any types of flower arrangement. Start from casual flower arrangement to vintage flower decorations for Bali wedding ceremony, includes christian wedding, catholic wedding, Hindu Wedding, Muslim wedding, Buddhism wedding  and also Indian Wedding  decoration . Bali wedding reception, hand bouquet, car decoration, standing flower, arch flower and many other flower arrangements.

Who is Bali Vintage Florist

Bali vintage florist is under  the  management of Bali Shuka Lestari  supported by  professional team which experience for years in florist field ,  high commitment, reliable  and able to communicate with customers in well understanding of  Bali florist needs. Bali Vintage florist is sister company of Bali Shuka Wedding which more focus on Bali Wedding florist and decoration.

Why Bali Vintage florist

We  would like to flash back to old type of goods which can inspires us to our past period and  it takes us  to always remember the history and story in the past. Bali vintage florist using local tropical flower and imported flowers for any  flower arrangements .

Cost of Bali vintage flower arrangement

Bali vintage florist  receive a customize or any idea from customers or may use our existing  vintage theme which have been designed  for  certain  Bali wedding venues . Customized Bali  vintage florist  cost dearer compare the existing one . For customize theme color  our creative team endeavor to find any sources to meet the requirement  and may  give you any suggestion for any options .

Bali Villas wedding Decoration

Should you plan to have your wedding event in Bali villas, our team will come down to the villa to see the venue for a suitable decorations to be arranged . The wedding couple  shall responsible for the villa rental fee  if any . Bali vintage florist only responsible for decoration and arrangement.

Casual flower arrangement by Vintage florist

Nothing to be doubted , even though we are Bali vintage florist  but we basically arise for  casual  Bali florist  but  recently we research the market  and found demand for  Bali vintage decoration is quite promising for future of Bali Florist.