Bali Florist 

Bali florist  is a kind of art on how to make a great flower arrangement flower design for  any  wedding event , birth day party , flower bouquet , arch flower ,flower centerpiece and any other flower arrangement . Bali florist use  any type of flowers both local and imported flower .It is depend on your budget 

Bali florist Package 

Bali florist package  can be cheaper compare  to itemize flower arrangement due to  on the package already  included sending or transportation fee .Decoration package can be for  wedding ceremony and wedding reception decoration with ambient lightint , indian  wedding decoration package start from sangeet party ,wedding party ,mahendi and also wedding reception . Using local flowers may get  a better deal of price compare to  imported flowers.The price of flower arrangement might be  increase during the valentine day .

Bali Florist thematic 

Flower arrangement  with a theme color  or customize  decoration will be higher price compare to standard flower arrangement , the thematic mean  the flower arrangement using a certain media  which is only use once a time  or the design might be not used by  other customer 

bali florist weddding
dinner set up at new kuta golf
photo booth decoration by bali vintage florist
intimate dinner set up with fairy light
Pergola set up muslim wedding
car decoration by bali florist
car decoration indian wedding
decoration indian wedding

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