Light Bulbs Lighting 

Light bulbs is a decoration lighting  for any party like wedding dinner , birth day dinner .Add this kind of  light as your ambient lighting will  make your  party venue look attractive .The light bulb lighting can be set with a  frame of iron  structure , it is depend on your  location and   number of the attendants of your party .

How to set up light bulbs ?

The light bulb also can be  set up for  a bridal table  with different  decoration theme . for the rustic theme with light bulb can be set up with a bamboo structure .Light bulbs also great  setting combined with fairy light or  hanging lampion.The number of light bulbs required is depend on the size of your  event.

We we can set up the light bulbs?

We are ready to set up  the light bulb at your villa wedding , gathering ,hotel wedding or anywhere of your event function, most of the set up we do one day prior to event date and event earlier than one day , it is depend the number of light bulbs that we set up.

light bulbs with structure
Hanging decorative light bulbs
decorative light bulb dinner reception

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